Monday, Feb 19 2001
Well, I've been a little inactive in keeping up with the web-site, but that doesn't mean it's stopped running! I'm working on adding some useful links to the links section (right now, everything that's there is purely promotional). I still haven't given up on the idea of getting our own URL, though ( or something along those lines). Keep writing, everyone! More news to come soon.

Monday, Dec 2 2002
Ok, seriously, the news section needs to start sounding more up-beat ;-) I had abandoned this web site and the forum as a lost cause, but, somehow, the 'Net disagreed with me! So, after being surprised to learn that people were actually finding the page and posting to the forum, I told myself, "Self?" "Yes?" I answered. "Remember how cool Our Story was going to be eventually? Remember everything you wanted to do with it? Maybe you should try to pull that off again." "Well, yes, self, I think I see your point," I answered again.

So, here we are! Back up and going! Now begins the long, arduous process of re-vamping everything. And believe me, it needs a lot of work. So we're back in business! Check back here for updates, because they'll be coming fast and furious from now on. "Self?" "Yes?"..."Promise?"

Most definitely ;-)